Version 1.2.83

Avee Player Pro


This music player has many features that are not available in other music players. With those features, you can create WhatsApp status videos that are not possible with other music players. Today we are talking about Avee Player Pro. It's may like a regular music player for the Avee Player Mod Apk. If you use the Avee Player Pro app once, you won't want to use the other music player apps. This app has many features not available in other apps.

Avee Player

Avee Player supports almost all types of media formats in the app. You can direct folder browsing with folder shortcuts. The most important thing about this application is the audio visualizer. Audio visualization in this app, as well as video, can be exported from this app. Which is usually available in any other music player application. The interface of the application is so beautiful that you first get the attention. That's why this app can be noticed more downloads in the Play Store.

Create audio visualizers from this app and customize them at your own pace. You can't do this with any other application that can only be done with this application on your smartphone. The best part is that you can save audio visualizers in HD video format on your smartphone.
If we have a lot of music on our smartphones we really have a little difficulty finding the song we like. In that case, this app can help us. We can easily find our favorite song from this app searchable library. For those who love to listen to music, the Avee Player Pro app can be very useful.

Download Avee Player Pro Apk

The download process is very simple. You can easily download it by clicking the download button below. It may take a while. Do not hurt.

Package Name com.daaw.avee
License Premium
App Version 1.2.83
Android Version 4.0+
Platform Android
Category Music
Author Daaw Aww
File Size 4.86 MB
Language English
Downloads 500 M+

How to Install Avee Player Pro?

Hopefully, this app has been downloaded. If the app is downloaded, click on the app that is saved on your device. It might ask you to tick on the allow apps from external sources option on your device’s settings. Turn the setting on and there is nothing to worry about that will not harm your device.

Avee Player Pro Apk Images

Key Features of Avee Player Pro

Make short videos: addition to listening to music in this app, we also make short videos through the app. Which is usually made as a WhatsApp status video. Many make short videos through this app and upload videos to Hello, Share Chat and YouTube. And earn money by monetizing those videos.

Customizable audio visualizers: One of the important things of this app is that the audio visualizer of this app can be customized. Not only customized, but we can also save them to our device as video. Which is usually not possible with any other music player. You can also export the videos by setting the resolution of the video you want.

Avee Player Pro Features

Set Sleep Timer:

This app has a feature of Sleep Timer that lets you turn off the music you play on your mobile phone at your own time. That's why you have to do it first.
Open your Avee Player application > Click on the three dots in the top > Turn on Sleep Timer > Set the time at which you want to stop the music.

Change of the Application Theme:

This music player has many beautiful themes that you can apply to change the color of your application.
First, open the application > Go to settings > Color Theme > Choose your favorite color theme > Done!

Lock Screen and Status bar Widget:

You can save the Music Player widget to your device home screen. And from there you can control the music.
Nothing for the home screen only, you can control the music from your device lock screen.

Support Bluetooth Controls:

Avee Player Pro supports Bluetooth control. Now you can easily control the songs on your device with Bluetooth support.


Equalizer lets you change the sound of a song, and there are some preloaded equalizers available, so you can enjoy better music sounds.

Searchable Library:

Sometimes it's hard to find my favorite song on my device, And here is the searchable library of the Avee Player Pro to help me find my favorite song.

Direct Folder Browsing with Folder Shortcuts:

You can easily control all the music for folder browsing and folder shortcuts.

Most of the media format is supported:

Many music players are available on the Internet to support some of their media formats. However, in the case of Avee Player Pro, most media formats are supported.

Two types of internal players:

This app has two types of music players. That's why you'll be able to experience better music.

Export visualizer as an HD video file:

This is a very important feature of the Avee Player Pro. You can customize the audio visualizer you like and export it in HD video format.

Avee Player Templates

Avee player is not only for listening to music, but you can also use this app to create beautiful sort videos like WhatsApp status, birthday greeting video, etc. This app has some limited templates, but don't worry, I've shared some beautiful templates with you. Here I have shared with you 100+ Avee player template. You can use these templates to create some beautiful videos.

Avee Player Template

Download Avee Player Templates

Name AveePlayerTemplates.zip
File Size 61 MB
Total 50+
File extension .viz
Total Download 320091

Name AveePlayerTemplates2.zip
File Size 122 MB
Total 50+
File extension .viz
Total Download 290077

How to Apply Avee Player Templates

  1. First, you need to download the template by clicking on the above download button
    (I hope you have successfully downloaded the aveeplayer.zip file.)
  2. After downloading the aveeplayer.zip file you will need to extract the zip file. Here are all the templates.
  3. Then you have to open the avee player pro app.
  4. Go to the visualizer option.
  5. Click the dot icon above.
  6. Then click on the "Load from file" option below.
  7. And then select a template from the File menu of your device.
  8. All finished Now rotate your device's screen as landscape mode for better viewing.
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